Le Chalet de Courchevel
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Luxury Hotel-Spa in Courchevel

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Lower entrance

In the basement of the Chalet de Courchevel Hotel, you will find an indoor swimming pool, a hammam, a fitness center, a massage and treatment room, a ski room and a garage.

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Upper entrance

The main entrance of the hotel Le Chalet de Courchevel Hotel is through the reception area. At the same floor area, you will find a lounge area next to the bar, the dinning room, the playroom, the kitchen and visitors' amenities.

Indulge yourself with a freshly baked pastry, watching the fireplace.

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First floor

On the first floor at the hotel le Chalet de Courchevel,you will find one Suite, two Mezzanine Suites and a triple room.

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Second floor

On the second floor at the hotel le Chalet de Courchevel, you will find the Top Floor Suite, with a Parental suite, connected to the kid's room.

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